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Six Generations : 

Karl Meyer 1809-1893, Traugott Meyer 1862-1959, Hubert Meyer 1898-1988, Peter Meyer 1928- John J. Meyer 1963-   and Anton Meyer 2000-

Karl Meyer Traugot Meyer
age 70
Hubert Meyer
age 83
Peter Meyer
age 83


1928 Born, 19 December in Berlin, Germany
1938 Entered high school Berlin Germany
1943 Transferred to High School in Blankenburg/Harz
1945 Age 16, defended Blankenburg against invading American troops
1947 Graduated High School in Blankenburg Harz, Germany
1947 Attended East German Actors College, Quedlinburg, Germany
1947 Crossed Iron Curtain from East to West Germany
1947 Attempt to stow away to reach the US illegally
1947-1948 Pig farm worker, Bremen Germany
1948-1951 Bartender British Officers Clubs, occupation forces in Germany
1951-1952 Supervisor Officers Mess Prince of Wales Dragoon Guards
1952 Sailed for the USA, legally
1952-1953 Laboratory Assistant, National Aluminate Corp. Chicago Ill.
1953 Drafted into the US Army, during the Korean Conflict
1953 Basic training, Camp Chaffee Arkansas, fire direction control, artillery
1954-1955 Member 517th, AFA Battalion, Frankfurt/Buedingen, Germany
1955 Lived in Paris, France worked as Tourist Guide
1956 Accepted at Brigham Young University Provo Utah as a Non-Mormon
1957-1959 UC Berkeley, graduated with honors in international economics.
1959-1960 Bank of America International, Executive Training Program
1961-1962 Law School, San Francisco, California
1962-1964 Proc. & Supply Officer, State Compensation Insurance Fund, San Francisco
1965-1974 County Elections Officer, Assistant Registrar, Marin County Ca
1971-1972 Published: Election Notebook a monthly, for Calif. Election Officials
1971 Published: Why Bother a pamphlet for young voters. 2nd Edition in 1978
1972 Founder/ Pres. of The new Voter Educational Research Foundation.
1972-1974 Published: The New Voter a monthly magazine for students
1973 Recipient, National Award for efficiency in Election Administration
1974-1982 Elected County Clerk/Registrar, Marin County California
1980 Established Tourist exchange program with city of Berlin, Germany
1980-1982 President, County Clerks Association of California, two year term
1980-1982 Published: The Imprint a quarterly for California Clerks/Registrars
1983 Retired at age 54
1984-1985 English Professor, University of Baja California Sur, La Paz, Mexico
1986-1990 Traveled and remodeled houses in California
1991-Present, Built "Monte Casita" my living compound in Antigua, Guatemala
1992-1996 Ran the Monte Casita  Ecology and Indian Assistance Center
1997 Built electrical generating net for 90 Indian homes, Caxlanpom
1997-1998 Lived with Qeqchi Indians in the jungle of Izabal, Guatemala
1998- 2010 Provided student housing and scholarships for Indian Children
2004 Built a truck traffic river bridge in the Indian village of Caxlanpom
2007 Built a jungle river hanging bridge to give remote Indians road access
2007- Present, authored stories of life in Guatemala and life with Indians
2009 Built a model fish farm, to raise Tilapia fish for consumption
2011 Started a farm for distribution of produce among the needy
2012 To publish IN MY ENEMY'S SERVICE Memoirs of a Survivor
Of three marriages:
1957-1979, Patricia Fortini, born 1936, USA, mother of Paul 1958 and John 1963
1983-1989, Mary-Carmen (Mali) Galindo, born 1957, Mexico
1991- Present, Aura Estela Herrera, born 1957, Guatemala

Generations five and six: John J. Meyer 1963-  and Anton Meyer 2000-

John Jeffrey Meyer, a good fit among his forefathers.

From my upcoming memoirs: (In my Enemy's Service)

          Our first known ancestor was castle captain and gardener Baumann at King Frederick William IV summer palace called Sans Souci near Berlin Germany. Bauman was John’s great-great-great-grandfather who tried to make the estate’s 23 fountains go and ultimately failed for lack of available power systems (around 1850). Another ancestor August Sauerland, John’s great-great grandfather, made a sizeable fortune out of piles of left-over garbage, the residue of the beer brewing process at Berlin’s breweries (around 1870). But he lost most of his wealth during the world’s longest depression of 1873-1896. Another ancestor, John’s great grandfather was the forester Traugott Meyer who struggled against the get-rich-quick bureaucracy of his time to prevent the destruction of German forests with his early knowledge and insistence on ecological principles (around 1900). It took nearly a hundred years for his advice and early effort to become recognized and popular. As the author and father of John, I made a small fortune only to give most of it to the oppressed Indians of Central America. Finally John Jeffrey Meyer with several strikes against him built a computer consulting firm with a million dollar payroll in San Francisco California. John Jeffrey therefore fits well into the tradition of all the Meyer’s who struggled to make a difference. They pursued challenges and ignored setbacks. John Jeffrey also gave us Anton; only one of the next generation who will perhaps continue the kind of nail-biting struggle that makes man feel complete and fully alive - win or lose.