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During my life among the Q'eqchi' Indians in the village of Caxlanpom in the jungles of Izabal, Guatemala, I had heard of a strange carnivore that hunts at night.  It is mentioned in my soon to be released autobiography In my Enemy's Service. Now comes the tale of an additional sighting.

Hector Coc, son of Roberto Coc of Caxlanpom relates that he was hunting deer with two sizable dogs when they encountered a beast about one meter in height (he says) with white cat-like ears, long tail and  black markings around the eyes in the shape of reading glasses.  The dark furred body was ringed with a white stripe. It bared its teeth when confronted and did not yield. When the dogs attacked, the beast killed both dogs within an instant by biting through their necks. I can't find this animal in any publication about Central American Carnivores. Hector Coc appears on left.

Maya Indians of the nomadic Q'eqchi' tribe during a cave visit. From left, Sebastian Coc the oldest of 18 brothers most still living in the village. Pedro Qim a carpenter of sorts with 12 children of his own. Marcus Aq married a widow with several daughters, when this wife got too old he started a new family with one of his step-daughters. Felipe Chub, in blue the oldest son of Shaman Mariano who first settled the village around 1940. Felipe was quite a successful artist, painter but eventually returned to the village to help drink from his brothers illegal still. Roberto Chub, no relation, was treasurer of my failed electrification project and accused of mishandling funds. An unknown boy in the background.