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A Note to Marin County Taxpayers

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      I was your elected County Clerk and Registrar of voters from 1974 to 1982. Our Marin population was then 208,000 compared to today’s 252,000, a 17% growth.  My immediate predecessor was George Gnoss. He was allowed one assistant and provided all of the needed clerical support for both the Superior Court and the County Board of Supervisors just as the County Clerks had done for many decades before him. I followed in his footsteps and by today’s dollars my salary would be roughly $150.000 per year. Soon after my term ended however the position of County Clerk was all but eliminated and handed to two professional administrators, called the County Administrator and the Court Administrator. 

           I see that the former now works with seven assistants (not one) who make over $100,000 each and the latter has built a similar empire with a huge staff and many assistants. What was in decades past accomplished with a handful of hard working lowly paid clerical helpers has in the last thirty years become a multi-million dollar operation.  The new Court and County administrators enjoy a combined salary of nearly half a million dollars, not the $150,000 you would be paying the County Clerk. Maybe George Gnoss my predecessor was right when in 1973 he said in parting: “These new administrators will bankrupt us, we have invited the fox to guard the henhouse.” In my soon to be released memoirs IN MY ENEMY'S SERVICE, I recall my own work as Marin’s next to last elected County Clerk. In chapters 20 and 21 you will find a rare insider’s comment regarding government largesse. Meanwhile you can contact me at: pcmeyer2@gmail.com   

Peter C. Meyer, Thanksgiving 2009 at Marin's Taj Mahal