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26 March 2012 - See the updated page 'Salon Antigua' with Jan a member of our writers group talking about our home in Antigua Guatemala.

27 March 2012 - See the updated page 'Peter Personal' for six generations of Meyers starting with Karl in 1809 and ending with Anton in 2000.

23 May 2012 - Everybody contributed to a new piece of writing that generated in depth discussion by those present. See Salon Antigua a story called "The Paradox" by (appropiately) Everyman.

27 May 2012 - There will be a delay of the anticipated publishing date of "Close the Gates Gently." My memoirs are awaiting permission to use pertinent photos available from Germany. Next deadline, end of June 2012.

24 June 2012 - The title of my memoirs changed from Close the Gates Gently to IN MY ENEMY'S SERVICE. Please see new entries under "Author" for the new book cover and sample chapter.

30 June 2012 - There are now over a thousand viewers to this still incomplete site and many are awaiting the release of my memoirs now titled IN MY ENEMY'S SERVICE. The book will be available both as hard cover and on  Amazon's Kindle. The lay-outs for these publications are about complete. An appropriate link will appear soon. Preliminary reviews have  been most favorable.

31 July 2012 - My ebook "IN MY ENEMY'S SERVICE" is now available, under its title,  on Amazon.com.  The price is $4.99  - A paper back version of the book is contemplated for the near future.



Top Stories by members of Salon Antigua

The Paradox    by Everyman

Why Antigua Guatemala?    by Jan Theberge

Pinstripes in the market of Antigua Guatemala  by Peter C. Meyer