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September 2012

Peter Meyer's new book "IN MY ENEMY'S SERVICE" is now available on Amazon.  If you would like to "look inside" the book, or to buy the Kindle edition, please click here.


This website comes to you thanks to my teacher and mentor Tomas Cernikovsky, a man with a rare name (only fifteen known Cernikovsky's in the whole world) and a man who had the patience to teach an 83 year old to build and maintain his own new website.

Thank you Tomas.

Here is what you will find:

Under SALON ANTIGUA a glance into the life of expatriates, people who came from afar to live in this hidden gem of a country called Guatemala. You can Contact us for our experiences.

Under AUTHOR you find a reference to my memoirs, a journey that started in Berlin in 1928 and followed a period in history when entire nations tried to wipe each other from the face of the earth. Ironically the US victor is today indebted to their once utterly defeated adversaries Japan and Germany in the amount of 850 billion net dollars or $2,760.- per US citizen.

Under PERSONAL you find a synopsis of my life and pictures of six generations of Meyers.

Under HISTORY appears a reference to some illustrious ancestors.

Under PETER AMONG INDIANS are anecdotes and pictures of Maya Q’eqchi’ Indians who had barely escaped a Stone Age way of life when I first met and lived with them in years past.

Under PETER THE BERLINER I speak in my native tongue: Über Erinnerungen an meine Berliner Jugend als Oberhordenführer im Deutschen Jungvolk.

As MARIN COUNTY RETIREE I speak of American County Government as I experienced it as an elected County Clerk/Registrar 1974-1982

Under NEWS I will keep up with events in my chosen home of La Antigua Guatemala, a community of many friends.